Unique Animal Expo and Pet Fair
Hillsboro, Oregon
February 24-25, 2007

I went to the pet show today and there was a great crowd! This was my very first show of this type. Who knew there would be so many people interested in Arachnids, reptiles, and goats.

I met quite a few interesting people and critters. The pictures below highlight the critters, mostly. One nice lady had a couple large millipedes making babys so I photo'd them for her (see below).

The line to get in was out the door when I got there and seemed to get longer as time went on. First, let me say, the show was pretty much divided up into 2 sections, each in their own large room. The feathered and furry critters were in one room and the reptiles and 6+ legged critters in the other. Both rooms were crowded and I suspect it was a good show for all.

There were Alpacas, miniature goats, miniature pigs, and miniature horses. Also a petting zoo for the mostly young ones. Kittens and puppies abounded in the one room and feeder mice and rats in the other. One table had guinea pigs with a sign that said "Feeders or Pets, $10 for Pet" I thought that was really cool. One lady had a 6 foot alligator across her lap, and lots of people had large parrots on their shoulders.

Pretty much, the pictures tell the rest of the story. Lots of spiders (including a huge T. Blondi), snakes (including a couple HUGE pythons), lizards, geckos, chameleons, scorpions, milli- and centi-pedes, walking sticks, an entire table full of carnivorous plants, and others I'm sure I must have missed. All in all, a pretty exciting experience for a first timer.

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